When it comes to choosing a pair of earbuds, taking reviews into consideration can help. While there are lots of things to consider before deciding on the pair that’s right for you, sometimes it just comes down to a particular brand.

There are many brands available to choose from, but some are more popular than others for this kind of product. So for our noise cancelling earbuds review we wanted to touch on the brands that happen to be the most popular in this category.

Some Panasonic Earbuds Up ClosePanasonic

Practically as long as there has been electricity, Panasonic has been there. This company started in 1918 and has long since developed to include portable electronics and related products and devices. It also seems that this reputable brand is one of the best ways to start our research.

Although there are several to choose from, probably the most popular of the Panasonic choices includes the Panasonic RP-HC55-S Noise-Cancelling Headphones. Some of the features that make this a popular choice include:

• An 88% background noise reduction rate, meaning that much of the low frequency noise from things like planes or cars can be canceled out.
• Neodymium magnets plus a 9mm drive that helps create the fullest sound. When it comes to the sound that you hear in your earbuds, you want it to be the best quality possible.
• Different size ear pads. Getting the earbuds to fit correctly in your ear is important for sound and comfort. If they are too small, the buds won’t stay in your ear or block out much noise. On the other hand, if they are too big, they will be uncomfortable for use. The pads included with this brand make it so you can adjust between small, medium, and large.
• Other bonus features are the cord holder, carrying pouch and the ability to clip to your clothing so the cord doesn’t get in the way.

Up close pictureShure

Shure is a brand that has been adding to the world of audio innovations since first being created in 1925 as the Shure Radio Company. This worldwide brand is known for all things audio, including microphones and, more recently, earbuds.

For that reason, they have become popular enough in this category and often end up in many reviews. Although there are plenty of choices from this brand that range anywhere from around $20 all the way to over $400, one of the popular mid-range pairs is the Shure SE110; some features include:

• Modular cable that allows the user to have flexibility in their wearing choices.
• Fit Kit, which helps again with the adjustability of the actual ear piece so that it fits securely in your ear. This means you have less chance of slippage during physical activity. It also means you have more canceled noise and a more comfortable fit for long term wear.
• High def speakers that make sounds crisp, clear, and detailed.
• There are plenty of other reasons Shure makes it on the noise cancelling earbuds review, but these are some starters.

Skullcandy Up CloseSkullcandy

Skullcandy is actually a relatively new company that launched in 2003. Of course, as the name would imply, the focus of this company is headphones, earphones, and similar products. For that reason it should come as no surprise that Skullcandy is included on our list. One of the main selling points is that Skullcandy comes in a variety of colors, prints, designs, and themes, not to mention being known for high quality. One popular seller worth mentioning is the Fix In-Ear.

• The main purpose is that these are meant to stay in your ear during athletic situations.
• The design follows that of the actual ear canal.
• The sound quality is superior to much of the competition out there.
• This also comes with an in-line Mic3 compatible with Suri.
• Also, users appreciate the Carbon Fiber Travel Case.
• There are plenty of choices available when it comes to Skullcandy so, for those looking to be able to browse in the same brand, there are plenty of choices here.

A Picture of this modelSennheiser

This German company first started in 1945. One of the reasons for this company’s popularity in this business is that it focuses on audio like microphones, headphones, and other similar products and related accessories.

What you find from this brand is usually at the higher end of the price scale but for good reason. This quality brand had to be included here. Take, for example, one of the most popular options from Sennheiser – CXC 700:

• Use for conversing through TalkThrough
• NoiseGard Digital complete with three options
• Can also be used as headphones even without a battery power source
• Designed with comfort and noise block sealing in mind and has a ear canal design in place

Making a Decision

As you probably realize by now, there are plenty of other options aside from even what’s included on this site. Sorting through everything available may seem overwhelming at first, but you will quickly begin to rule out what you don’t want and start to take note of what you do want.

For instance, if good quality, stylish looks and moderate price is your thing, then Skullcandy would be a good fit. However, you may realize from looking at the nabove that you need something that is more of a professional grade and, therefore, Sennheiser would be your best bet.

Obviously, price plays a major role in your decision making, but don’t let it cause you to settle for less than what you really want or need. Making the mistake of saving a few dollars but getting inferior quality and sound or less than sturdy headphones is not a smart choice. Let this noise cancelling earbuds review be your starting point to try to find your perfect pair.

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