HeadphonesWhy do people buy noise cancelling headphones instead of the lower cost ear buds that come in pretty colors and designs? Well, not only are these headphones better for the true music fan, they are also perfect in loud situations that can make listening to music or talk a real bother. In cities where people commute to work via public transportation, they may take advantage of that time to listen to audio versions of their favorite books, listen to recorded presentations or just let their mind wander as they listen to their favorite tunes. However, that is next to impossible to do when there is a loud engine and dozens or even hundreds of people all talking or listening to their own music.

These headphones work by blocking sounds from outside while allowing the sounds from inside to be heard more clearly with more depth of tone and clarity of high notes, of course, there are some drawbacks and some cautions to keep in mind when choosing them.

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Your Options

The noise reducing or cancelling headphones that you choose can either come as full size (like old school headphones) or in ear buds which fit more discreetly into your ear whichever you are more comfortable with. Because you are not hearing sounds from outside any more, you do not have to turn your music up so loudly to hear it clearly. That protects your hearing – good news for parents who are concerned about their children’s ear health. Keep in mind that the best of these headphones are pricy and may not be as durable as other types so they are best kept for older children to adults only.

You may need to take the time to experiment with various models to find the kind that suits your listening needs the best as well as the kind that you find to be the most comfortable.

Potential Drawbacks

There are a number of negatives that you might want to keep in mind before you spend the large amount of money on these headphones, though. First, some can create a rather unpleasant sense of pressure when they are worn. For some people this is only a mild problem, quickly forgotten about. While they are very expensive, they do not completely eliminate all background sounds. In addition, they can be dangerous in some situations because they can keep you from being aware of the surroundings or inherent dangers that you might be facing.

Look for a trusted brand when you are shopping for headphones, set a reasonable budget and remember not to wear them for jogging, biking or situations that may put you in danger.

Click here to browse through all the bestselling noise cancelling headphones ~ something I’m sure for all ears…