Skullcandy Up CloseSkullcandy noise cancelling earbuds are just one of many popular sellers, and some people are still just discovering who Skullcandy are. It seemed that almost overnight the company came out of nowhere and the brand practically took over the market.

So before ordering, you may be wondering some things about the brand and their products before making that purchase: like who the heck are Skullcandy, and where did they come from?

Digging Up the Past

There’s more to the topic than just which color to choose. The company actually is not that old, having first come about in 2003. This Park City, Utah, based company specializes in headphones, earbuds, MP3 players, and other hands free devices plus even specialty items like audio backpacks.

Although the brand welcomes consumers of all kinds, the initial target market was for those who were into action sports, like snowboarding. Aside from being “cool,” some of their designs, like the audio backpack, are intended for people on the go. You can find these and other products through their online store, as well as retailers and specialty stores authorized to carry the brand.

Gaining Attention

Most people have now heard of Skullcandy earbuds because the name has recently been getting a great deal more attention. Through partnerships and promotions, the company has been getting publicity worthy of more attention. For example, working with basketball great Kevin Durant and surfer Clay Marzo has helped the brand gain recognition.

Also, their sponsorship of “Boarding for Breast Cancer,” started by famous professional snowboarders Tina Basich and Shannon Dunn-Downing, has helped their image. This is not the only non-profit event Skullcandy is involved with either. The bottom line is that you can feel good about buying your Skullcandy branded products.

More to Love

Aside from being a young company connected to the NBA, NFL, and various cool outdoor sports, like skateboarding, there are even more reasons they has gotten so popular. The brand has also made smart choices, like offering collections such as the Yankees, NBA Series, and Paul Frank.

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Skullcandy BudsWhen you shop with Skullcandy, some of the product choices you have include:

• Over ear headphones
• DJ Headphones
• On Ear Headphones
• Earphones/earbuds
• Headphones for Gaming
• Accessories for devices like the iPod
• Clothing, including tees, jackets, and hoodies
• Plus more

About Those Earphones & Earbuds

Within the category of earphones and earbuds there are different styles as well, such as:

• 50/50 Called 50/50 because of the half and half construction of polycarbonite and ABS finish complete with chrome detailing. These also include the easy to use Mic3 feature and come with a carry case.

• Titan – This option is made from precision-cut metal casing that offers some of the best sound around. You also get two silicone gel sizes and a nylon mesh carrying case.

• Fix – The “Fix” is that the common problem of earbuds falling out of the ear has been solved with this design. Great sound and the same Mic3 feature make these among the top of the line.

• Chops – Known for their supreme sound and a Mic3 to help manage your device. This over the ear alternative is ideal for those who don’t like relying on earbuds staying in-ear on their own.

• Ink’d 2 – This is where your collections like Paul Frank and NBA come in.

• Heavy Metal – This metal shell encased option is popular for those who want to crank it up extra loud. Also includes the Mic3 and carry case.

• Smokin Buds – You get the same great sound quality but with the Rasta look that gave it the name. This is one of the classics from the range.

The prices vary, but you can usually find a pair as low as around $20 or even higher quality ones coming in at around the $70 mark. However, this makes the Skullcandy noise cancelling earbuds a great moderate price choice for the average consumer.

You also get a variety of colors or designs to choose from. There are plenty of different looks available, making these as much a piece of art to collect as a useful device for listening to your favorite tunes. The company also likes to brag about their earbuds and earphones that the louder you listen the better and clearer the sound gets.

The popularity of this brand during its almost decade-long existence has helped it go global as well. Whatever the reason you intend to use your Skullcandy buds for, you are sure to enjoy having them as part of your collection.

Click here to browse through all the latest Skullcandy Noise Canceling Earbuds ~ something I’m sure for all ears..