Earbuds with inline remoteSeveral manufacturers have produced earbuds which are capable of reducing ambient noise in order to achieve a better listening experience. Sony noise canceling earbuds are an excellent choice for high quality and performance with effective reduction.

These utilize a technology which samples the ambience and then generates a sounds which is opposite of the noise. When the two sounds mix, they effectively cancel each other out. This greatly reduces the effect of the disturbance and enables the user to achieve a much better listening experience. Sony has developed several models which do the job very effectively. The models can achieve up to a 90% reduction of outside interference. And they give you the option to turn the features on or off.

You can also mute the audio if you want to listen to the outside world. They are very comfortable and a variety of sizes enables the user to achieve a great fit. They come with 13.5mm sound drivers for excellent audio response and enjoyment. It also provides for a wider frequency response.

Overall these units have received very favorable ratings with most reviews in the 4 or 5 star raange. Sony is known for their high performance products at reasonable prices and these exemplify this.

You can purchase these models from Sony for under $100 and you’ll get a unit which provides for excellent performance and much greater enjoyment in what would otherwise be lousy environments. You can find peace and tranquility in our loud and distracting world.

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