EarbudsWhen you are looking for the best noise cancelling earbuds, you have to know what exactly to search for. Maybe you’ve had a pair before, or maybe this is all new to you. Either way, there are some key factors to look at and consider when making the right choice for you.

Keep in mind that finding them doesn’t mean all external noise will be eliminated. Do some browsing and research, though, and you will find the pair that is the best match for you and your needs.

So, what makes the best performing?

#1: Sound Quality

Obviously, the bottom line is that the sound you do hear should be the best quality possible. It doesn’t much matter if you find the best performers for drowning out noise if what you do hear isn’t of the best quality. When you search online or read reviews, you are bound to see sound quality mentioned quite a bit. It may cost you a few dollars more than you had intended to spend on earbuds, but it is worth it if you care about the quality of sound you are listening to.

#2: Background Noise Reduction

Second, or maybe tied for first, when searching, is the background noise reduction. Usually when looking at different products, you should see this category listed by percentage. For example, if the background noise reduction is listed as 88%, it generally means you can expect about 88% of the ambient noise to be canceled out. The higher the percentage the better the quality of noise reduction. Again, though, you should read reviews to make sure the products deliver what they claim or promise.

#3: Size

Another thing to consider when looking is size. Part of the way that the cancelation works is that the bud itself fits securely into the ear, which helps block out external noise. However, different earbuds range in size, which means you want to make sure they fit correctly for your ear. If they are too small, they will fall out and prevent blocking out noise; of course, too large means they will be uncomfortable and make long term use impractical.

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Up close picture#4: Cord Length

Believe it or not, the length of the cord is another important feature to consider before buying your pair of earbuds. Some people do not like too long of a cord because it can easily get tangled, knotted, and in the way. This can also lead to damaged MP3 players. Too short a cord can end up being a hassle too. Usually, shorter cords are more ideal for people who need them for sleep.

#5: Portability

Even the portability of your earbuds is part of what makes up the best earbuds available. Being able to pack them up and travel easily is an important aspect to consider before making your selection. In fact, portability is what makes someone choose to go with earbuds instead of noise cancelling headphones, which are much bigger and bulkier. With today’s design and technology, you can get almost the same amazing quality of sound and noise cancelation even in the smaller earbud versions.

So what are some other things to consider? That comes down to personal choice. Color, for example, is one trait that might be important to you, and many brands now offer a wide variety of colors. Maybe price is important to you because you are on a budget for your purchase.

This is understandable; just be careful not to settle for inferior quality to save some money. If you don’t like what you settled for or if they break quickly because they are cheap, then it wasn’t worth saving the money. Invest a few more dollars for a pair you like and that will hold up longer.

You may even have a particular brand that you want to stick with. When it comes to electronics and technology, most consumers have a brand they like and trust, but don’t be afraid to venture outside your comfort zone and explore other brands too.

Reading reviews of your favorite brands and brands you may not usually use can help you with your final decision. Don’t rush into your choice, or you may end up regretting it. Otherwise you should be able to find the best noise cancelling headphones that meet the criteria above.

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